Year 1 2017 - 2018

Ms Lackford

Ms Lackford has two cats and two cars. They all have silly names!
She likes science fiction, skiing and strawberry bonbons.

Mrs Gresty

Mr Lavin


What are we doing this week?

Week beginning 20th November 2017

A new lunch menu has gone out.  Please discuss with your child if there are any days they do not like either of the choices and consider sending a packed lunch on those days.

We are having gymnastics sessions with Premier Sports on Monday afternoons this half-term, so please make sure that P.E. kits are in school.

We are starting rehearsals for our Christmas performance, which the children are very excited about.  Class 1 have their line in their bag to learn.  Please encourage your child to speak loudly and slowly to help develop their confidence. Class 1a's lines will follow shortly.

Spellings have been sent home for the term.  Please help your child to learn the spellings for this week.  Just a few minutes each night  will make a huge difference.  The spellings we have given are for a number of weeks as learning a few at a time means they are more likely to be retained.  If your child is confident on the week they are doing currently, please revise those from previous weeks rather than moving ahead.

In Maths, Class 1 will be learning about subtraction using number lines to count back from a starting number and find the difference between two numbers or amounts.

Class 1a will be looking at the names and properties of 3D shapes.

In English, Class 1 will be building our vocabulary to write labels and descriptions of characters in stories.

Class 1a will be looking at the thoughts and feelings of characters in a fairy tale about a cold and frosty queen.

In topic Class 1 will be investigating materials through the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  We will be carrying out the investigation we planned to find out which material will be best for Little Red Riding Hood's waterproof cloak.

In Class 1a, we will be looking at mark-making and then drawing portraits of fairy tale characters.

Please can we remind you that snacks sent in from home should be healthy and not crisps or chocolate bars and that water - not juice - should be used for bottles from home.

SHOW AND TELL - This week Class 1 Show and Tell will be Simmonds house  and for Class 1a it will be Whitlock. The children now know the new house names and their respective colours. They have not changed colour group.

Please don't send in things for show and tell unless it is your child's week as we do not have the time to show things for more than one group and want each child to have the time they need so they feel their contribution is valued.

To clarify how Show and Tell works - each group takes turns on a four weekly rotation, meaning that each child has the opportunity to share once every four weeks. 



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PTA Christmas Fair, by Mrs Scott

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KS1 performance, by Mrs Scott

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