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Miss Walker

Mrs Morrison

Mrs Noble

Mrs Noble likes hula hooping, playing netball and Strictly Come Dancing.
She doesn't like sprouts or worms!

Miss Wootton

Welcome to Reception


Next week: Week beginning   13.7.20

Take a look at the Silly Squad's Summer Reading Challenge. The information in the files section. 

Next Friday's Challenge: wc13.7.20


Picture Perfect

When you are out and about today, this weekend or over the holidays, take a picture of one of your favourite places to go. Try to take the best photo you can. Send it in and tell us why it is your favourite place.  We can then pass these on to Miss Kendall so she can see all of your favourite places and get to know you a little bit more.

Friday Challenge: wc 6.7.20



We would usually have a Sports Day in school before the summer holiday. As it isn't possible to do one this year, you can do your own at home with your family. Why not come up with your own team name...

Have a look at the activities below and the points you could win. I wonder who in your house will be the overall winner. 

Have a look at the home learning page and activities to see more sporting activities throughout the week. 

Sport /Activity Points Awarded Bonus Points

How many times can you get the ball into the bin?

If you don't have a ball, use scrunched up paper. 

Only 5 attempts allowed.     

1 point for taking part 1 point for each time you get it in. 

Hop, Skip & Jump 

How far can you jump?

1 point for taking part

3 points for the furthest jump.

2 the second furthest

1 the 3rd furthest. 

Egg and Spoon- How many lengths of the garden/room can you do in a minute? If you drop it pick it up and carry on. Make sure it is a boiled egg. 

If you don't have an egg, use a small ball or something else suitable. 

1 point for taking part

Highest number of lengths gets a point

If you succeed the whole minute without dropping it you also get a point

Water race.

Fill a bowl with water and have another bowl which is empty the other side of the garden. Fill a cup and race to the other bowl. Run back. How many cups of water can you put in the bowlin a minute?

1 point for taking part Whoever fills the most cups wins 3 points. 
Speed bounce- how many jumps can you do in a minute over an object? 1 point for taking part Highest number of jumps wins a bonus point

Golf target challenge

Use a cup/pan on its side for the hole. Use a golf ball/tennis ball/scrunched up paper and shoot it into the cup/pan using hands/feet/dust pan brush/broom.

You decide as a family distance you shoot from- make it a little challenging!

5 attempts

1 point for taking part Win a point if you get it in

How long can you hold a balance for?


Can you make up a challenging or creative balance.

1 point for taking part

Person holding the balance for the longest gets a point

Person who has the most challenging/creative balance also gets a binus point

How many hand ‘keepie uppies’ can you do?


Scrunch up some paper or use a soft ball. Use your hand to keep the item up in the air. If it is tricky with one hand, try using both. 

1 point if you take part The most keepie uppies wins the bonus point               


Scroll down to see some photos of the super work we've been doing in the woods at school this week.

Welcome to all the children who are joining the bubbles this week. We hope you have lots of fun! 

Miss Wootton is still working from home and will be setting lots of nice activities for those of you who won't be in school. Please keep sending in your work so we can see what exciting things you are doing at home. 



Mrs Noble and Miss Wootton:


Mrs Morrison and Miss Walker:


 Click on the home learning tab for this weeks activity suggestions.

**NEW** A new home choosing grid will be available from Monday. Look out for it under the home learning tab. 

Click here for some fun '5 minute' activities to try at home.  The rainbow ideas are lovely.




UPDATE - See our new video clip at the bottom of the page. We hope you like it!  :) 



We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the Reception children and parents who made a lovely video for us. It was very special and we loved seeing your smiling faces again! There was lots of great  throwing and catching and some wonderful costumes :) 

We can't wait to see you all again soon! 

From all the adults in Reception x





Click on the Home Learning Tab for useful links and resources to help you during the school closure.  A new tab 'Keeping Active' has been added where you can find links to useful keeping active links, including a link to the new premier sports youtube channel. We hope you are all managing to have some fun learning at home, and are staying safe and well.  We are really looking forward to seeing you all again and hearing all about the fun things you've been doing at home once school fully reopens.




The Reception team are:

Class R - Mrs T. Noble (Monday & Tuesday) & Miss J. Wootton (Wednesday - Friday)

Class Ra - Mrs R. Morrison (Monday) & Miss C. Walker (Tuesday-Friday)

Teaching assistants - Mrs Z. Morris, Ms A. Beechener, Mrs N. Cochrane, Mrs L. Walker, Mrs V. Henderson & Mrs E. Wallace 


*Please remember to name all snacks and water bottles to save any confusion at break times. Also, as we are a healthy school please only send snacks such as fruit, cereal bars, rice cakes, breadsticks etc.  Please do not send in biscuits, chocolate or crisps.*





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