Reception 2021 - 2022

Ms Lackford

Ms Lackford has two cats, two cars and two children.
She likes making up stories, skiing and reading books in a bubble bath.

Mrs Noble

Mrs Noble likes hula hooping, playing netball and Strictly Come Dancing.
She doesn't like sprouts or worms!

Miss Wootton

Welcome to Reception




Show and Tell up to half term

29th April - Yellow groups

6th May - Green groups

13th May -  Red groups

20th May - Blue groups

27th May - Yellow groups


Please see the gallery pages for more information and pictures from this week. 




Reading: New reading books will be sent home every Wednesday, so please ensure that the old books are returned in folders on a Tuesday, to enable us to change them. Initially, the children will bring home a lilac book and two books that are stickered with ‘R’.The ‘R’ books will be chosen by the children and are to be shared with an adult for enjoyment. Once we have assessed all the children’s phonetic awareness and they are able to read words containing s, a, t, p, i, n, we will give them a banded book (numbered 1-12) to match their ability. We will also send home word cards that consolidate our phonics teaching that week. Your child will read regularly with different adults in Reception; in our phonics lessons, Literacy lessons and on a 1-to-1 basis. We will assess them throughout the term and move them up reading bands accordingly. By the end of Reception, chldren should be reading at a minimum of set 10.


At various points in the week, you child's class teacher may be out of the classroom attending courses, conducting assessments etc. Please be reassured that the children will have an adult that is familiar to them covering.

Please use the following email addresses to contact class teachers:

Mrs Noble:

Ms Lackford/Miss Wootton:

Thank you,

The Reception team

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