Geography allows children to explore the earth, and its relationship with the people that inhabit our planet. We aim to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world in which we live.

During Year 1 the children start their exploration close to home. They investigate our school grounds and then move further afield into our village. Later in the year, the children begin their comparisons of Holmes Chapel with the locality of Chester.

Mexico is the destination during Year 2, where the children investigate the links between Britain and Mexico. They study the village of Tocuaro, and compare the lives of the Horta family with their own lives in Holmes Chapel.

In Year 3 the children study the contrasting environments of Arctic and Antarctic, Sahara Desert and Tropical Rainforest. They look at the physical aspects of these places and the impact this has on the people that call these places home.

Year 4 learn about India through the study of three contrasting regions. The influence of the physical geography on the people who live there is examined, so too are the links between India and Britain. Later in the year the physical processes at work on our coast are examined, and the human influence found here.

The mountain environments of the world are studied during Year 5.

Year 6 look at the human and physical characteristics of the North-West of England.

Running through all of these topics the children gain an understanding of different geographical processes, and how the physical and human characteristics of places relate to one another. The children collect, analyse and communicate a range of data in a variety of ways, including through the use of first hand fieldwork. They learn to interpret information from a variety of sources and develop map skills.


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