Year 4 2021 - 2022

Mrs Granville

Mrs Hill

Mr Lavin

Welcome to Year 4!


Our topic for this term is 'Raging Rivers and Captivating Coasts'. We will be begin by following the course of a river from babbling mountain stream to the lazy meanders and wide estuary where it flows to the sea. We will learn about the different physical and human features of a river, the human impact on rivers and what it is like to live alongside a couple major rivers of the world.

As we move into the final term, we begin by looking at the river mouths as they meet the sea. We look at deep and shallow estuaries and how this influences how they are used by people. We will study the formation of some coastal physical features and how erosion is having a devastating impact on some localities.














Celebrating Achievements

We want to celebrate your achievements outside school by sharing them with everyone on a whole school display in the corridor by the library.  When you win something or achieve a certain level in an event/sport or hobby, bring in a photocopy of your certificate or a photograph of yourself participating in the event or of the trophy/medal you have won.  Please make sure you put your name on your contribution and a bit of information about your achievement.  Please don’t send in trophies/medals or original certificates because we don’t want to risk losing them!

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