Week 33 in Class R

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Reception Year: 2020 - 2021

Week 33 in Class R


We have carried on reading Augustus and his smile and learning about tigers. We have made our own 4-page booklets retelling the story of Augustus. The children’s writing is coming on really well and they are so good at ‘having a go’ on their own and using the phonics mats to help with their spelling. We have written party food lists for the tiger who came to tea and practised our reading skills to read the names of different foods.

We have been improving our fine motor skills with the lacing boards and the magnapads. All the children are now much more confident using the tripod grip, when they hold their pencils. In Maths, we have been looking at subtraction and finding the difference between two amounts. We also investigated capacity in the water area outside.

We continued t learn about people who help us and the children have taken very good care of the toys in the toy hospital. This has now been taken down, ready for a brand new role play area after half term. The class had a lovely afternoon enjoying a film (Bed knobs and broomsticks) and treats provided by our PTA.

After half term we will be reading Meerkat Mail and learning about the desert for a week, then we will be learning all about castles, dragons and royal families. We are hoping to have our own royal tea party, class picnic at the beginning of July, but this is obviously dependent on COVID guidelines. More information and dates to follow after half term.

We have had two VIPs this week: Ruaridh and Thomas. Ruaridh is super chilled about everything and keeps the rest of us calm and Thomas keeps us fully informed on all the latest, important dinosaur news. They have both shared the VIP role brilliantly this week. Well done boys!

Have a fantastic, well-deserved break and we’ll see you all in a week, for the last half term in Reception : (

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