Week 26 in Class R

Class: Reception Year: 2020 - 2021

Week 26 in Class R

This week, we have been learning about the planet Earth and writing a sentence to describe what we would see if we looked at Earth from space. We have been practising reading Phase 2 and 3 words by matching word and picture cards. We also practised our phonetic spelling and hunted for digraphs in words.

We have done lots of maths work this week; learning how to write the numbers 11-20 and counting to and from 0-20. We also ordered numbers on a washing line and practised adding two numbers when we played skittles.

We have improving our’ fine motor skills, specifically cutting skills this week. The children cut out and dressed people and assembled rockets from shapes they had cut out.

Lots of science again this week. On Wednesday the weather was lovely, so we went outside and learnt about shadows and discovered how craters are formed by dropping ‘asteroids’ into flour. On Thursday, Mrs Shepherd helped the children make rocket cones, which they launched with plastic bottles.

Today, we got the baby dolls out, which proved really popular, lots of budding babysitters in the making!

This week’s VIP was Armani. Armani took her responsibilities very seriously and made sure we were all following the Golden rules!

Have a lovely weekend everyone- One week to go!

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