Kindness Elf

Date: 3rd Dec 2017 @ 5:39pm

Following on from our Kindness week, Father Christmas has sent Year 4 Kindness Elves this year. The Elves are going to help Year 4 to show acts of Kindness each day :)


Breaking news.... the Kindness Elf has chosen the name of Buddy, and he has installed a Santa Cam in Class 4a! He has also been helping out in the classroom by cleaning the windows!


Buddy continues to be kind, bringing Christmas books in for us to read. He has put up our stockings, and even tried to make his own sleigh (to bring us Candy Canes!).


We have been wondering how Buddy gets home to the North Pole each evening, and where he works. Ssshhh don't tell Santa, Buddy sent us two photographs so that we don't have to wonder anymore!


Buddy has been really kind, and done his washing (and someone else's too!) to save Mrs Christmas a job!  He has had a go at making his own sleigh, and brought Class 4a a delivery of candy canes for being so kind this week.  He also brought in his own game of Twister for Golden Time as Mrs Christmas said he had been so good too!

Today, Buddy brought a gift for two children who had gained the most Bookworm stamps and the most Good to be Green stamps!  He also asked to write thank you notes to the Office staff, we look forward to seeing their faces when they receive them.

Today, it was fun to deliver Candy canes to all the teachers in the school, Buddy thought they deserved it, and so did the children.

We have also had great fun making our own version of Buddy in the form of a Pine Cone Elf! How gorgeous do they all look!


Abby S wrote:

I can't wait to find out what the kindness elf has in store for us tomorrow!!!!!!!

Mrs Skinner wrote:

We have enjoyed hearing about the antics of the kindness elf each day - hasn't he been busy!! Fabulous to see some snaps of him in action!

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