Week 27 in Class R

Class: Reception Year: 2020 - 2021

Week 27 in Class R

The last week of term and we’ve been busy!

In Literacy, we looked at the book ‘The skies above our eyes’ and learnt all about the different layers of the sky. We found out that birds, helicopters, aeroplanes and rockets all fly at different heights. We also tried saying some very tricky words like mesosphere, thermosphere and troposphere! Each day we tried writing sentences about the weather, birds and aeroplanes.. The children are getting really good at having a go on their own and using the phonics mats to help them with their spelling.

In Maths, we have learnt about doubles/halves and odd/even numbers. We got the Numicon out to look at how the shapes of the numbers were different, depending on if they were odd or even. We changed the spots on the ladybird and wrote double amounts. We also worked together vin teams to match numbers to amounts.

We made Easter cards and all the children followed the step-by-step instructions really well, showing great listening skills. We started our Van Gogh Starry night paintings- to be continued… On Tuesday, Mrs Shepherd took everyone out and talked about looking after the environment and how to prevent plastic polluting our oceans. We read the Colour Monster and talked about how our feelings and emotions can be represented by colours.

We enjoyed going onto the field for the first time and learning some new team games to play at playtime. We had a last play in our current outdoor area, before the diggers arrive on Friday to transform the area into a fantastic, new outdoor space for us all to enjoy. Some of the children were very worried about the shed being taken away, as they thought that was where I lived!

Chesca has been our VIP this week. She said the best thing about it was ‘getting to line up at the front of the line every day’. Well done Chesca.

Enjoy your Easter holidays everyone, fingers crossed for sunny weather.

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