Summer week 4

Class: Reception Year: 2021 - 2022

Good afternoon everyone!


This week the children have been looking at the book The Snail and the Whale. We have based our reading and writing lessons on this book, looking at the events in the story, describing scenes and writing as if we were the snail leaving its trail. 


In maths, we have revised doubles with the children using their fingers to help them, showing the same on each side and using our stem sentences, e.g. 4 and 4 is 8. Double 4 is 8. We have also looked at subtraction and used our snails from the story to base our maths on. 


Ms Lackford showed the children the artist Matisse and based some artwork on this. The children created some snail collage pictures in the style of Matisse. 

On Thursday, we were really lucky to spend some time with the year 6 children who came down after they had  finished their SATs. We played in our outdoor area, shared books, did some colouring and made pompoms for our jubilee celebrations. 

On Friday, we were super sensible as their was a fire alarm. The children walked out sensibly and quietly, and they waited patiently until Mrs Gresty told us it was all safe to go back inside. Mrs Gresty came down at the end of the day to tell her how impressed she was with the children. Thankfully, it was all a false alarm. 

In the afternoon, the children enjoyed another active PE lesson. Have a look at the pictures to see what a great time they have had. 


Next Week, show and tell is blue group.


Have a lovely weekend. 


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