Crowden Valley Trip May 2022 - Year 4

Lesson: Geography

Class: Year 4 Year: 2021 - 2022

Year 4 had really enjoyable day visiting Crowden Valley. 

The rain made a brief appearance while Class 4 were talking about the water cycle but we were able to enjoy blue skies for the rest of our day.

The children impressed the rangers with their knowledge of river features during our 'I-spy' activity and managed to identify these on maps of the area.

We investigated the source of a tribuatary as we walked up its small trickle of water until we found the spring.

We drew field-sketches of a meander and saw how it was showing signs of becoming an oxbow lake.

In the waters of Crowden Little Brook, we measured the width, depth and speed of the river. Then we used nets to catch tiny river creatures to identify using a key, our discoveries revealing that the water must be very clean and free of pollution.

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