Our Curriculum is.......EVERYTHING THAT WE DO!


In our school, we follow the National Curriculum.


Learners are encouraged to:

  • Take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Work cooperatively with others.
  • Pursue new ideas and original thinking.
  • Persevere and adapt ideas, applying learning in different situations.
  • Question, hypothesise and experiment.
  • Make connections between areas of learning and relate studies to real life situations
  • Use and apply technology in all areas of the curriculum
  • Connect and respond to issues of a global perspective


Social, moral, spiritual and cultural education, together with the promotion of British Values, permeate our curriculum.


Since September 2013-14, we have had a new National Curriculum. For more information about the National Curriculum please click on this link 

Click here to read our school's curriculum policy

Click here to read our SMSC policy


The timetable for each class is flexible apart from periods when shared facilities such as the hall and computer suite are used.  The majority of the curriculum is organised to make connections between subjects and is therefore frequently taught as part of a cross-curricular project.  Such projects usually incorporate creative work in Art, Design Technology, Music and various physical activities.

The use of computer technology provides a wealth of new learning opportunities within all curriculum areas.  Whilst aspects of some subjects, such as Science and RE, may be taught as distinct study units. English and maths are incorporated into many areas of the curriculum.

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