Levels of Attainment

At Key Stage 1, results are based on teacher assessment informed by a test. In line with moderation advice from Cheshire East we feel on reflection we have perhaps been harsh in our judgements. This would lead us to the conclusion that our maths and reading are not a concern. Our writing appears to be much lower than national. Again this matches experiences across Cheshire East - Cheshire East have been highlighted as a local authority who have been too harsh in their judgements and therefore advice. Whilst we know we have room to improve our writing across school, we do not feel it is as weak as this data might suggest. With increased confidence in the new national standard and further moderation with colleagues in other schools led by a national moderator, we are not unduly concerned by these results.

Just as at Key Stage 1, issues in Cheshire East with the moderation of writing have resulted in our judgements being harsh and this has impacted on our results. We appear to be serving our able pupils particularly well.

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