Anti-bullying Week

Year 6 have been learning about bullying and thinking about #choosekindness.

We looked at scenarios of children being bullied and then came up with some advice that we might tweet to the bullies:

Try to be kind and get to know them. You never know, you might even become friends! #choosekindness

Instead of calling names, try saying nothing at all or even a compliment! #choosekindness

It's better being good and not a bully #choosekindness

Try finding a hobby instead of making fake accounts and pretending to be someone else #choosekindness

Stop being mean. Be kind to them because no one would like that, including you!  #choosekindness

Why are you bullying them? If you have a problem yourself then tell someone who can help and then try to be nicer. #choosekindness

If you are leaving someone out, you should instrad include them and try getting to know them. How would you feel? #choosekindness

If you are calling people names, do the opposite like saying nice things. #choosekindness

Please stop hurting him! Instead, why not get to know them? #choosekindness

Please stop making stuff up and leaving people out. Take my advice and try to be nice to them - you might even like them being in the group. #choosekindness

Tell someone about what you have done, like a teacher and they will help you along the way. #choosekindness

Instead of bullying, get to know the person on the receiving end and see just how they're feeling. #choosekindness

I advise you to tell someone you made the fake account and ask a teacher for help if something is happening at home to make you feel bad. #choosekindness 


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