Star from Afar! 2020 - 2021

Mrs Brown

This week, the following children have be seleced as their class 'Star from Afar:'

22nd February

Class R


Matthew has worked very hard on his front cover for Tabby McTat. Fantastic drawing skills Matthew!

Maria has made a beautiful fairy house as part of her wellbeing week activities.

Sonny has designed a brilliant front cover for The Troll by Julia Donaldson.

Class RA

Andrew made these yummy bread rolls which he ate with jam!

Seren ordered the pictures from Charlie Cook's Favourite Book and drew a fabulous story map:

Class 1


Class 1a

Class 2

Caitlin completed wondeful work around arrays:

Effie completed showed brilliant understanding of the 5Ks in RE:

Class 2a

Hunter made this rather eye-catching cake at home:

Ibraheem has been working super hard in Maths too:

Class 3

Evie completed excellent work in maths:

Jessica wrote her own lovely poem about her dog, including some great similes:

Class 3a

Caitlyn has completed LOADS of activities around Chinese New Year:

Oliver created an awesome game on Scratch which his teachers enjoyed playing:

Class 4

Leo and Morgan have written beautiful descriptive work:

Class 4a

Annabelle and Megan A have also been writing fabulous descriptions:

Class 5

Harry B and Jensen have been writing about The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Brilliant work boys:


Class 5a

Miss Griffiths would like to acknowledge all the children who attended the 8.30am wake and shake the week before half term. They all gave 110% effort, and it was a fantastic way to start the morning together. Well done Year 5! A big shout out to Alex and Jessica M who worked extremely hard in every single session.

Leo has also created this awesome French poster. Tres bien!


Class 6

Ava created this stunning Diversity poster for PSHE:

Evie came up with these really interesting and considered thoughts about canals:

Class 6a

Finn and Florence have been doing some really marvellous (and rather tricky) artwork:

Josef wrote a creative and imaginative prequel to a story:


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